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Packing Fee *FISH FEE*



Add one of this fee per each fish or pack you add into cart. 


For example:

You order 6 of 3" Oscars. Add "6" of this fee to your order. 


Another example for packages:

You order 1 of 100 Rosey Red Minnows pack, 1 of 3 Assorted 3" Oscar pack, and 1 of 30 Ghost Shrimp pack. 

Add "3" of this fee to your order. 


  • Why these fees?

    Due to the extreme low price we are offering for you to gain profit on the fish you sold, these fees are set here to cover employee, packing supplies, income tax and other expenses that apply to our business. 

  • What is this fee?

    This fee help cover our expense of hiring an employee to pack your orders. 

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