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Public Days

No appointment required. 
Walk-in Welcome,
Every Friday!

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3756 Adobe Ln. 
Oroville, CA 95965

Our Oroville Public Day Facility is specialized in POND fishes only. 
It is NOT our Tropical Fish Facility. Therefore, all customers who plan to make a trip for Tropical Fishes are highly encouraged to order online ONLY. There are no tropical Fishes stocked at the Public Day facility.
 Our Tropical Fish Facility is currently NOT open to the public. We are not responsible for your loss time for traveling. 


Scheduled Closed Fridays



Closed for a Family Vacation




Open by appointment only during non-public days. All walk in will not be served during non-public days. We have three facilities to serve you. Only our California Facility is currently open to the public. Therefore, not everything you see online is readily available at our California Facility. You can always order online, order over the phone, or have one of our staff at the facility order what you need and pick up at the facility. Most orders done this way comes with free shipping to pick up at the facility. Unfortunately, our Arkansas and Florida Facilities are closed to the public and is not accepting appointments.

We'll bag your fishes for you. No need to bring anything special.
We provide Free Bags. Unless/otherwise stated. We'll pack your fishes with water and oxygen. Depending on fish sizes and quantity in bag, fishes can stay alive for up to 6hours+. If you're on a trip home longer than 6 hours, advise us and we will pack your fishes to last up to 24 hours. We do highly suggest you bring boxes or totes to place the bags inside of it so that while driving back to your destination, your fishes doesn't roll all over the car. We do have large boxes for sale around $2 a box if you need some. 


This Facility might not be suitable for wheelchair users.
Although we are open to anyone during our Public Days or by Appointments, our California facility is more of a "Barn" operation. Therefore, expect that there are no smooth foundation. Grounds are gravel, sole dirt, or wooden decks. Therefore, expect that all ground is uneven at some area. There will be a few steps going down and up to move around the facility. Due to these steps and uneven ground, Wheelchair and disabled customers might find it difficult to move around the facility. You are more than welcome to come. Our staffs are prepared and is more than happy to assist you the best we could by providing you information, answer questions, and bring out sample fishes, plants, or merchandise to you to see. We are always looking for more innovative ideas to make everyone's experience the best at our facilities. Unfortunately, this is the best we could do at this facility for now. 


Allergy & Animal Notice.
This facility is a FARM operation. Therefore, expect that there are dogs, cats, farm animals, and other wildlife animals that may be present at the facility. For you, your pet and everyone else's safety, Please Keep your pets home. We are not liable to any injury to you or your pet. 

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