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To help save you Money.


* We currently deliver in California only. 

* We use Google Map to determine the delivery miles. Raul locations, charges apply.

* Rates are based for one way trip.

* $400 Minimum purchase.
* Low $200 Minimum purchase if you are less than 30 miles from us. 

Rates are negotiable based on how much your total is. 


* Save money on Shipping.  Bulk orders and Large orders can cost you above $900 for Shipping.  

* Bulk Savings. You spend $400 minimum, but you get the best deal we could offer. Save up to 70% of the retail price!

* Healthy less-stressed fishes. With oxygen and only a few minutes to a few hours time travel, you will receive less stressed out fishes. 

* Extra in your order. Delivery orders always include extra fishes. In case we miss count your order because it's so big. 

* Faster Processing. We not only prioritize delivery orders, we also deliver Monday-Friday. Unlike Shipping orders, we ship Monday and Tuesday only. We prioritize deliveries because we try to get rid of as many fish out as quickly as possible to create a more spacious tank for the rest of the fishes that is waiting to be shipped. 

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