Game Fish

A Licensed Seller. Get your fishes Legally. 

Sustainably farm raised. 
No wild caught fishes. 

We sell our raised fishes and have connection with over 5 fish farms here in California to bring you quality fishes. With our connection, we are able to obtain a broad selection of fishes and pass them to you. 
We have helped customers stock aquariums to as big as ponds! Consult with us today!

What makes us different?

We are practically the only licensed seller of Live Game Fish open to the public (during public days) in the Northern California area! By saying so, we offer retail or bulk prices to the public! Unlike other sellers, we have NO high minimum purchase requirements and our doors are not closed to buyers who needs just a few fish! 
We offer at facility purchase, Pick up, Delivery, and Shipping nationwide! 
We also have flexible shipping options at different rates such as standard expedited, 1-3 day, or overnight so that everyone's budget isn't hurt while shopping! 
This, is why we are specially different. This is what separate us from all the fish sellers!