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Game Fish

We are a Licensed Seller. CADFW License #2021. Get your fishes Legally. 

Sustainably farm raised. 
No wild caught fishes. 

We sell our raised fishes and have connection with over 5 fish farms here in California to bring you quality fishes. With our connection, we are able to obtain a broad selection of fishes and pass them to you. 
We have helped customers stock aquariums to as big as ponds! Consult with us today!

What makes us different?

We are practically the only licensed seller of Live Game Fish open to the public (during public days) in the Northern California area! By saying so, we offer retail or bulk prices to the public! Unlike other sellers, we have NO high minimum purchase requirements and our doors are not closed to buyers who needs just a few fish! 
We offer at facility purchase, Pick up, Delivery, and Shipping nationwide! 
We also have flexible shipping options at different rates such as standard expedited, 1-3 day, or overnight so that everyone's budget isn't hurt while shopping! 
This, is why we are specially different. This is what separate us from all the fish sellers! 

Looking for Monster fish?

Is it illegal for me to keep Game Fish? 
- In general--- A stocking permit is required and it is not illegal in most states as long as the regulations are followed. For example, here in California, in some counties you are NOT required to have a stocking permit for certain species of fishes as long as you obtained your fishes from us (a registered and licensed facility). If you are outside of the area that does not require a stocking permit or that you want a species that require a stocking permit, you can easily obtain a stocking permit from the department of Fish and Wildlife. 
- If you are outside of California, please consult with your local Department of Fish and Game before ordering. Some state does not allow the import of game fishes and require an import permit
 before or after importing. We do not provide legal services. We are a retailer and will not be held liable to any legal outcomes due to your lack of research prior to purchasing. 
Which fish does what? What should I stock in my Pond? What is the Natural Wildlife Balance? 
- BASS controls populations. 
- BLUEGILL (or other perch family) are great natural foragers for predator fishes. They reproduce quickly, controls bugs and unwanted snail infestation. 
- CARP helps control algae and other invasive aquatic plants. even if carps that we carry are not as aggressive plant eaters like the Grass Carp, they will do most of the job. (We do not carry grass carp) They are also great for bottom clean up. They will eat any overfed foods that sunk to the bottom. 
- CATFISH, Great for pond clean up. They'll eat dead fishes, crawling critters, overfed foods, and control populations. Choose wisely, as some catfish are more aggressive than others. 

Monster fish has been looking for you! 

We carry Monster fishes! Xlarge Bass, Big Sturgeons, Bluegills, Koi, Carps and other Ornamental fishes! 
All or most monster fish has to be special ordered. It may take up to 1 week or longer until we can get them for you. 
All Game fish sold by SFA is farm raised. It is the buyer's responsibility to research into their area and comply with all federal, state or city regulations. Some areas require a stocking permit or other special permits. Check with your department of Fish & Wildlife.  Click Here for California Stock Permit Application. Check with your state to see if any of the fishes you plan on buying is legal to keep or import into your state prior to purchase. SFA or its dealers are not responsible for any legal actions or fines. Smart Fish Aquarium does not provide legal services, therefore we do not provide details if fishes are legal to be kept or shipped to your state. 
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