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Live Plant Guidance

Created with you in mind
Important notes to understand;

These notes below here are NOT covered by our Live Arrival guarantee as it does not mean your plant is dying. 

Being packaged in a plastic bag, this creates a greenhouse effect trapping humidity making the plant adapt to these conditions. When this happens, the plant may begin to show signs of drying up or burns when planted directly outdoor. If you notice any of these symptoms, you may need to harden the plant back to outdoor conditions. See "Hardening your plants" below for instructions. 
Each season affect the plants differently. WINTER; Expect dormant plants with no or very little signs of life. To make sure your plant is still alive, do a quick skin scratch test. If the thin inner layer of the skin is still green when scratched, it is still alive. If it is brown or black, it is dead. SPRING; you may expect some smaller plants that are still emerging. SUMMER: Expect some yellowing leaf due to heat stress during shipping. Simply remove those yellowing or brown leaf. The plant will thrive once replanted properly. FALL: Expect browning, yellowing or dormant plants as it means the plant is going back to sleep for winter. 

Inspect the packaging. We use Clear and Dark plastic bags to package plants. If you received clear plastic packaging, then inspect the plant from outside the packaging. If there are visible dead decaying plants, take photos and send it to us right away. If you received a dark no see through packaging, then open the package and inspect the plant. If there are visible dead decaying plants, take photos and send it to us right away. If the plants appear to be healthy or good, then remove from packaging and plant right away. 


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