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Mosquito Guppy Fish

Mosquito Guppy Fish


Minimum Purchase of 50 Fish or more, online.

If you added less than 50 Fish, this fish might be refunded automatically. 
If you buy other fishes too, the minimum drops to 20 fish for this species. 


Mosquito Fish. They can tolorate cold water & very warm waters. 

They are live bearer, and will reproduce quickly. 


For Volume discount, Please contact us or visit onsite for discounted volume purchase. 
Note; At times, our regular mosquito fishes may be mixed with our feeder guppies. Therefore, expect that you may recieve feeder guppies in the order in place of mosquito fishes. 
If you need 100% Mosquito fishes, please call our office to order. 

  • Details

    The western mosquitofish is a species of freshwater fish, also known commonly, if ambiguously, as simply mosquitofish or by its generic name, Gambusia, or by the common name gambezi. Its sister species, the eastern mosquitofish, is also referred to by these names. 

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