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This package is designed with small aquarist keepers in mind. Perfect fit for a large size tank or any size pond!


Note; Depending on season, you will receive fish strains that is available at the time of filling your order. Therefore, fishes may look entirely different based on its strains or variety groups. Please see these details carefully. Check with us to make sure the strain you want or don't want is currently in season. 
1. KOI (Standard Fin or Butterfly)
2. FANCY TAIL (Oranda, Regular Assorted Fancy Fantail, Black Moore, Ryukin, Ranchu, Etc.)
3. GOLDFISH (Comet, Common, Sarasa, Shubunkin)
4. MINNOW (Fathead *Black or Red*, Mosquito Fish, Sacramento Blackfish)


You can select the strains you would prefer with a special request fee. Fees vary depending on the variety of fish and season. Special orders can only be placed over the phone.  You can only choose what we have available for this package at the time. Most fishes are reserved for other packages, or listings which cannot be used even if we have them in stock. 


Price Options
One-time purchase
$41.00every month until canceled
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