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Hybrid Carp F1

Hybrid Carp F1

$3.75 Regular Price
$1.98Sale Price

This Hybrid Carp will not reporduce. 
Important note: Though our Hybrid carps are not capable to reproducing, depending on certain genes or fish, they can cross breed back to their original species and have a slim chance of success. Therefore, we are not responsible for your water to start populating with carps. We do not provide any guarantee or promises of 100% sterile fishes. 

Sold random, unsex. 

  • Details

    Hybrid F1 Carp (Carassius Carassius × Cyprinus Carpio Carpio) is a freshwater hybrid species that is a cross between Common Carp and Crucian Carp. ... Distinguishable by its lack of barbles, this hybrid species otherwise bears a strong resemblance in shape to the Common Carp, with its hunched back and large scales.

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