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Drop Shipping


We try to make things as simple as it could with our business partners like you.  Please understand that these policies are set to protect our business. 

Although we are in business for a while, we are still very new to the Drop Shipping Program. We've been in the Dropship program from 2017 only. We are still adding and editing this page. Please note that any terms in this page can still change at anytime. You are committed to its changes and to accept its changes at anytime. If you do not like one of our new policies added, then yo are more than welcome to opt out of our program, too. 

Live Arrival:

We guarantee that your fish will arrive alive and free of any illness at your customer's doorstep.

Out of Stock Risk:

We operate on our official website, Ebay, Amazon and a few other websites. We also serve lots of other drop ship customers, too. This means that we are unable to guarantee that the product you buy will be in stock and ready to ship. Therefore, We ask that you adopt a 5-15 days processing time. For these reasons, we have sorted the Dealer store to have the products that we have in abundance.  If the dealer adds other products that was NOT in the dealer's store page, then the item can cancel, if we do not have it in stock. 

Dealer Discount Code:

Dealers are provided a "DDC" (Dealer Discount Code) as a default code. Do not share it to anyone else. Violation of this term may result in immediate termination of your account. New dealers starts at 35% off the retail price on our entire inventory. We will evaluate each dealer Weekly. Depending on your sales volume, your discount code will be adjusted. If your sales fall below 12 packages a week, then your discount rate will decrease, but not lower than 25%. If your sales are above 12 packages a week, then your discount rate will remain the same or increase, but not higher than 45%. 


Shipping Info:

We ship Same day and everyday (except holidays or Sunday) for all live plants and supplies. We ship Monday-Tuesday for all live fish.  In rare cases, we ship live fishes on Wednesdays. We ship Monday to Thursday for all overnight packages. Some Live Fish and Plants require 5-10 business day handling time.  Inform your customers about 5-15 business day handling time (that is for or  includes the time during Wednesday-Sunday).  We do not ship internationally. Only within the United States, except its islands or territories. If you've reached the free shipping quote, you are subject to surcharges even when shipping becomes free. We will hold your order until your surcharges are paid in full. When free shipping, shipping speed is at SFA's choice. You can choose to upgrade the shipping before your packages ships. It is the dealer's responsibility to check on each order to see what service we are going to be using to ship the package. 
NOTE: Starting August 15, 2021 we will end the Free Shipping for all dealers. Due to the high increase in Shipping rates, electricity cost and storage cost, we are unable to keep up with the high demand of free shipping for dealers. We deeply do not want to have to remove this feature for our dealer partners, but the costs are really pushing us to the edge. This feature will not affect our regular customers. 

DOA Policy:

You are required to file a claim within 12 hour of Delivery stamped time. We extended your time for up to 12 hours to work with your customer. Obtain these photos from your customers: 3 Clear Photo of DOA fish inside unopened bag and 1 image of fish or plant laid flat on a dry surface with tail chopped off. For plants, chopped in half if not rotten yet. If there is any Bulbs or roots, then the bulb/root must be chopped in half, too.

 We will refund any DOA claims that is approved. We do not replace DOA orders.  You must purchase a new order if you and your customer negotiated a replacement on your end. 


 We do not accept returns on all live fish or plants. Returns accepted for all dry goods or feeds. Items must be in its original condition. Feeds must not be opened or used.  Obtain a RMA# (return merchandise authorization number) before having your customer return item. SFA is not responsible for any return shipping expenses. 



You are responsible to pay for any taxes that may apply. You can use the receipts of your purchases from us to deduct the taxes later on your end. 


If claims are accepted,  All or any shipping fees are NOT refundable and will be deducted from the refund.  Unless, otherwise we agreed to provide free shipping. If free shipping is offered, then the entire amount will be refunded. All shipping accessories including shipping box is NOT refundable, therefore will be deducted from your refund. Shall the refund be agreed to be returned as credits, then all credits will be made available for up to 90 days  from the issuance of the credits. All unclaimed or unused credits will be considered donation by 9PM on the last day of the 90 day period. 


No exchanges or replacements allowed unless, due to our mistakes. 



We do not ship orders until fully paid for. Order online. 

Life Warranty: We do not offer Life warranty for all dropship orders, regardless. 

Warranty: For Manufacturer warranty, contact the manufacturer. For our brands or product, see "return" above. 

Accessories, Shipping and Supplies Fee:

You are responsible for all Shipping Supplies.  You must add the standard shipping boxes at cart to your orders for live fish or animals. You are also responsible for all shipping fees unless, otherwise we offer Free shipping. 


Due to the huge discounts given to you, you are responsible to pay for shipping supplies. That includes Heat Packs, Ice Packs, Boxes, Insulation, and other necessary. The defaults are included in the standard shipping box at cart. If you or your customer require any additional special supplies, there may be an additional charge that must be paid before the order can be shipped. 

As of August 15, 2021 We will end the single charge for shipping boxes for our dealers. What this means to you: If we end up having to use more than 1 box to ship your order, you will have to pay for additional box in order for your order to ship. For example, If we use 3 boxes to ship your order, you will have to pay for 2 more boxes. 

Chargebacks: Client is not authorized to do a chargeback. If it happens, the client is responsible to reimburse the chargeback fee and the charged back amount. If you feel a case is resolved unfairly or in error, contact the owner to look into.

Branding: We can print the box label, and guidance papers inside the box to be yours with your business name, logos, and info. You must add this feature to each order that you wish to be upgraded. If you do not select the branding feature, then your order will ship in our standard shipping brands.  Even though a client opt into branding, we are not yet to the advancement to change the return address. Shipping address will show that it was shipped from a SMART FISH AQUARIUM OR GK HAPPY FARM shipping or receiving location. 

Drop Shipping Store: The Drop Shipping Store is just a regular Store page from our retail inventory online. However, this Dealer Discount Store is unique in a different way. It sorts out the items that we CAN guarantee your business that we can ship.  If you see an item or fish that is not found in the Drop Shipping Store, please consult with us prior to adding it to your order. It is not required to consult with us before adding, but we can be wiped out entirely before being able to fulfill that fish for your order. 


Policy Changes:

We are willing to negotiate with clients so that both parties can have a successful flow of business and no loss. We are committed to adapting with the new changes every year. A Client can request to have one or more of the policies above changed to meet their business model. If a client needs a policy to change, then the owner must sign and agree to the terms before any of the policy can change. In order to better serve our clients and to protect both parties from loss, The policies in this document can change anytime without notice. We will  let customers know that we have updated this notice. It is their responsibility to make sure their emails, or mailing address, or contact numbers are up to date to receive the changes. 

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