Drop Shipping Seller levels 
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Small Seller
25% off everything on our inventory

Less than 12
packages a week

New customers only start at 35%
Growing Seller
30% - 40% off everything on our inventory

12+ packages a week

Sell more, earn more!
How does it work?
Each week we evaluate each seller by your sales performance and compare it with your previous performances. The more packages you sell, the higher your discount rate is.
Your discount rate will increase if your shipment from last week's evaluation increases. If SFA feels that your sales are steady at a certain level, then your discount rate will remain the same and not increase or decrease. For instance, it does not mean that if you start off at 35%, and sold 13 packages last week, then you will upgrade to 36% instantly. Your rate will most likely remain the same until next week's evaluation and comparisons. We will compare with your previous sales performances and decide the increase or decrease. If we feel your performance is still just steady, then your rate remain the same. If you've improved, then your rate increases. If your performance declined, then your rate will decrease. You can bring it back up by improving your sales. 
Pro Seller
45% OFF entire inventory

25+ packages a week
with next day or 2nd day air 

50+ packages a week 
with standard expedited shipping

45% is limited to some items
Continue the good performance and earn BONUS DISCOUNTS!