Piebald Channel Catfish 4-9"

Piebald Channel Catfish 4-9"


Due to the value of the fish, Customer is required to pay for Early Arrival Express Overnight Fedex or UPS. 
THERE IS NO LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE. Although there is no live arrival guarantee, we've never had any DOA witht his fish overnight before. 

Sold random, unsex. 


The Piebald Channel Catfish only occour once or twice in a million or 2 million hatchlings. We work with a few farmers to bring these fish to you. Please note that when we stock them, we can only stock 1-2 Fish at a time because of the rare count and many other sellers biding on the fish, too. 

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    The channel catfish is North America's most numerous catfish species. It is the official fish of Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Tennessee, and is informally referred to as a "channel cat". In the United States, they are the most fished catfish species with around 8 million anglers targeting them per year.

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