California Second wave of Covi19 has impacted our services big-time. As of now, we are prioritizing all our staffs. Their safety and health is our #1 priority at this time. Without them, we cannot serve you. At this time, we only have 1-3 staff packing and processing orders. Meanwhile, we operate on over 6+ different market places online. We are getting more than usual count of orders flushing in at some weeks. Our staff is doing their best to process as many orders as possible at this time. 
Due to this reason, Please expect up to 2 weeks in delay of your order. If you cannot wait, we suggest you order eslewhere. 

California Wildfire

We are in Oroville. We are kind of in the center of all of the wildfires going on around California at this time. At the same time, we are also experiencing local fires sometimes. Our location has been evacuated twice this year. As the wildfires spread, our local USPS (United States Postal Service) and our local UPS (United Postal Service) may close without a proposed reopen date when evacuation warnings are announced. When this happen, please know that our order can delay with an unknown ship date. If it proceeds longer than 2 weeks, we may just process orders and drop off your order in the nearest drop off location to prevent very long delays. 

In case if a fire tears away our location, please understand that we do not have a backup warehouse or a second warehouse to process orders. Due to this reason, should a fire tear down our holding/processing location, please expect up to 3-15 or more days for us to process refunds. 

We will keep this page updated the best we could. Should you have any questions, Please contact us. 

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