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Get a Free Fish, Fish Food or Animal Feeds.
What's the Catch?
To get a free fish, fish food or animal feeds, you must first receive a Thank you card accompanying your recent purchase. It's that simple. If you have a thank you card, fill the form below to get your Free gift today!
Free Gift Application
1. Purchase required. 
2. Entry must be submitted within 14 business days of the purchased date. 
3. Your purchase must meet these minimum rule to qualify for a free gift; a.) Total purchase before taxes, shipping and other fees of $19.00 or more  b.) You must buy at least a live fish to qualify for a free fish or fish food. For example; you cannot buy fish food, and then get a Free fish or more fish food. The purchase must include at least one (1) live fish for you to qualify for a free fish/food.
4. You are required to pay for all shipping fee. All Live Fish, you are responsible for the Shipping Box Fee. 
5. Yes, you can purchase other fishes and pay for them to be shipped with your free gift. 
6. All Live Fish through Free Gift is NOT covered by the Live Arrival Guarantee. All or any shipping fee including Shipping box fee is not refundable regardless if the fish arrives alive or DOA. 

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